Phases of the Moon

Jr. Blogger here. This page will mostly be about the different phases of the moon. At school, I am learning the different phases of the moon and what causes them. This page will have information about the moon and pictures of the moon. It will be updated regularly until I have finished learning about the moon!


This is a full moon. Like the name states, it is completely visible, hence the name, full moon. According to Wikipedia and my Science book, the full moon occurs when the Sun is on the opposite side of the Earth than the Moon. The reason we can see the whole Moon is because the Sun’s rays are absorbed in the Moon.


The picture above is a Waning Gibbous. This occurs after the Full Moon. It happens when the Sun is shining on about 3/4 of the moon. 1/4 is hidden behind Earth, while the other 3/4 is caught in direct sunlight. Notice the left 1/4 is in darkness, while the right 3/4 is visible. Stay tuned for more information about our crater-covered friend’s phases!


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