About the My2Cents 2.0 Team

My2Cents 2.0 is a blog about a family’s adventures in the 21st Century. Sr. Blogger is a creator of entertainment content, Jr. Blogger is still in school, and Mrs. Blogger just does whatever she likes to do!

Hey, Jr. Blogger here. I’m an avid tennis player, gamer, fisherman, reader, and writer! If I’m not playing my heart out on the tennis court, you can usually find me on the couch, reading a great book. I have another blog at: “My2cents-ok.blogspot.com” This is my first WordPress blog, but so far, I’m lovin’ it! Sr. Blogger will post every once in awhile about his travels around the world. See you around!

Hi, this is Sr. Blogger.  Jr. Blogger suggested that we “upgrade” our original blog….My2Cents-Ok and take it to a new level.  I thought his idea had merit.  He suggested that the new blog be called My2Cents 2.0  !   Tekkie talk that means the next generation of the original form.  Like the internet is now being called the “web” and products like laundry soap and even cereals are called “new and improved”!  So, we hope you begin following our new writings, thoughts and observations AND find our blog “new and improved”!   Please feel free to tell your friends about the 2.0 version of My2Cents!



  1. Hi,
    Sending first message to check it out. Going out it seems OK….let’s see how it does coming in.

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